Lhacham Pema Tsal

Tib., lha lcam pad ma sal
sal can be spelled rtsal or gsal

Whatever the spelling of her name, Pema Sal or Lhacham Pema Tsal was a daughter of King Trisong Detsen (8th century). During the time of Padmasambhava's visit and teachings at the court, she died at an early age - yet was miraculously called back to life by Guru Pema.

It was to this young princess, whose name means Radiant Lotus, that Padmasambhava entrusted his own lineage of the Great Perfection known as Khandro Nyingtig, as he also did to the more famous Yeshe Tsogyal).

The princess is believed to have reincarnated as the 13th century terton Pema Ledrel Tsal, and again as the 14th century master Longchenpa. In both cases, the Nyingtig teachings she carried through the bardo were thus re-activated.