Eight Kerima Dakinis

Tib., rNam-shes brgyad-kyi ye-shes mkha'-'gro bzhi
Dakinis of the eight kinds of awareness

According to the Bardo Thödol, these deities appear on the 12th day of the bardo, surrounding the Krodeshvari-Heruka couples.

They are subdivided into two groups:
Four Inner Dakinis (Nang-gi mkha'-'gro bzhi) of the cardinal directions (pure colors)
Four Outer Dakinis (Phyi-yi mkha'-'gro bzhi) of the intermediate directions (mixed colors)

Together, they represent the fierce, terrifying female counterparts of the eight male Bodhisattvas.

In some texts, the Kerima (or Keurima) are named Gauri, and under the leadership of a Gauri as well, yet further with mostly the same names and symbolism.