Charnel Ground Ornaments and Implements

The so-called Six Charnel Ground Ornaments can be found in images depicting dakinis, yoginis, dharmapalas and a few other deities, yet they were (and are) also worn and used by practitioners of various teachings and schools. That applies not only to India and Tibet, but also to neighboring countries such as Bhutan and Nepal.

  1. Crown of five skulls
  2. Bone necklace
  3. Bone armlets
  4. Bone bracelets
  5. Bone skirt
  6. Bone anklets

Go here for an image of a dakini/yogini who wears all six ornaments.

Apart from these ornaments, deities are shown with - and practitioners make use of - several implements made from (mostly human) bones that have been gathered in a charnel ground as well:

  1. Bone trumpet
  2. Skull cup
  3. Skull drum